Wally Collins


I grew up in Kilbride. I’m married with four children to my wonderful wife Laura. I graduated from Bishop’s College in 1969. I moved to the Goulds 35 years ago and operated a landscaping business for nearly forty years. I was elected in 2005 and has represented the ward over the past three elections. I am hoping to continue serving the ward after this election.

Contact Information

  • Email address:
  • Phone number (Cell): 709-685-5191
  • Phone number (Office): 709-576-8584

Survey Responses

What is your full name?
Wallace E Collins
What role are you running for? If it's a ward councillor position, please specify which ward.
Ward 5
If you are currently on council, or have served previously, how many years in total have you served?
12 years
Why did you decide to run for office?
To fix the many problems in ward 5 and help the residents.
What do you think makes St. John's unique or special?
We’re the most easterly city in North America, our rich heritage, and our friendly people.
If you were elected, do you plan to hold another paid job while serving on Council? If so, what would it be and how will you divide your time?
I am retiring from my landscaping business in the near future, but have successfully divided my time up until now.
What changes or initiatives would you advocate for at Council?
I advocate to control the money given out to different groups that come in looking for sponsors. I like to contribute if something is needed, not if something is just wanted especially in these tough economic times.
What, to you, is the most important kind of decision City Council makes?
Spending of taxpayers dollars.
Questions for ward councillors...
Do you live in the Ward?
Yes, for 65 years.
If you had a whole day off to spend in your ward relaxing, what would you do?
I would go fishing.
What could Council do to make your ward a better place?
Other Councillors should visit ward 5 more often to see the many needs compared to the rest of the City.
Have you been out canvassing in the ward? If so, what are the priorities you’re hearing most loudly?
Yes I have; water and sewer projects that have to be completed, sidewalks, and a new rec centre are some of the things residents ask for.
Increasing density and mixed uses are priorities in the new municipal plan. Where would you like to see more density in your ward?
In the Shea Heights area.
How do you think your ward will change during the next Council term?
There will be more water and sewer projects completed, more of the land will be opened up in the Goulds and Kilbride areas while still protecting the farming industry which is an important part of ward 5.
What would you like to see included in the new Regional Plan?
I would like to see more bus service in the region as I serve on the Metrobus Commission.
What, if anything, would you want done to establish better communications between citizens and developers before development is proposed?
Developers should hold meetings with the residents before applying about what they propose to develop.
How would you use the Engage! process and system?
In your opinion, what are the three best decisions the outgoing Council has made, and why?
In your opinion, what are the three worst decisions the outgoing Council has made, and why?
Quick response questions! In 100 characters or less, what is your position on...
Creating a regional government
Amalgamation with surrounding municipalities
Making City Council a full-time job
The mail-in ballot system
The new Municipal Plan
Grants to community and arts organizations
City employee salaries
Creating more bicycle infrastructure
Increasing public transit service
Corporate and union donations to candidates
How often do you use the following ways to get to work or errands?
Walking: Once a week
Riding the bus: Never
Biking: Never
Driving: Almost everyday
Please rank the level of attention you think council should pay to each of these transportation modes in the coming term (1 = most important, 5 = least).
1. Driving
2. Public transit
3. Walking
4. Cycling
What could the City government do to make St. John’s a healthier place to live?
What changes need to happen to have more diversity in age, gender, race, and life experience on Council?

Image source: CBC News