Sandy Hickman


I have been a member of City Council for 15 years. I have a BPhysEd & BEd from MUN & a MA in Sport Admin. from the Univ. of Alberta. I have been elected to City Council 4 times. I am retired from the Govt. of NL as a Marketing Specialist. I have a long track record of giving back to the community and have served on many sport related committees and associations including the Royal St. John’s Regatta Committee and the NL Volleyball Association. I have also been very active in youth sports having served as a coach in various sports for more than 38 years. I was awarded the 125 Anniversary of the Confederation of Canada Medal for service to sport and have been very involved in the education system. I am married to Karen and have three children – Alex, Meredith & Rebecca.

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Survey Responses

What is your full name?
Sandy Hickman
What role are you running for? If it's a ward councillor position, please specify which ward.
at large
If you are currently on council, or have served previously, how many years in total have you served?
almost 16
Why did you decide to run for office?
I originally decided that i would like to take my experience in volunteer leadership and get more involved in my community by putting my name forward for council. subsequently, I have wanted to continue the work I do on behalf of the people of the City and this time is no different.
What do you think makes St. John's unique or special?
That is a broad question which can be answered in many ways and could take volumes. You could say our weather…our narrow, winding, hilly streets… our relative isolation. Suffice to say that it comes down to our people and our environment. It is a beautiful place with beautiful people and this leads to a wonderful way of life that is exciting,fulfilling, intriguing and fun.
If you were elected, do you plan to hold another paid job while serving on Council? If so, what would it be and how will you divide your time?
What changes or initiatives would you advocate for at Council?
I have advocated for many over the years and will continue to do same but i am not suddenly going to change what I do. I want to continue my work with traffic and road improvements; see through the completion of the new Kenmount Terrace Park and the replacement of the mews centre; I want to see a new economic development agency created to better promote the City to new business; I feel we need to continue annual program review in order to keep a fair taxation regime for both commercial & residential; a rejuvenated & refreshed downtown & continue to protect watersheds and the nearby residents from flooding events.
What, to you, is the most important kind of decision City Council makes?
Decisions that directly impact the lives of ordinary citizens of the city. we need to be sensitive to the needs and concerns of people of all walks of life and from all situations.
Questions for at large councillors...
Increasing density and mixed uses are priorities in the new municipal plan. Where would you like to see more density in St. John’s?
Downtown and commercial areas. We also need more low-cost housing stock which means increased density. Obviously, we must allow the orderly development of subdivisions and whatever housing the market demands but we have to be concerned about urban sprawl
Without a ward responsibility, at-large councilors have more space to focus on specific issues. Do you have one issue you would like to prioritize?
Several – economic dev.; traffic and road development; affordable housing; engagement; arts and recreation.
Have you been out canvassing? If so, what are the priorities you’re hearing most loudly?
Not yet… too early.. it’s summer!
What would you like to see included in the new Regional Plan?
A transportaion plan; a full lay-out of land for growth i.e. land use based on a sensible regional thinking not specifically favouring any one municipality.
What, if anything, would you want done to establish better communications between citizens and developers before development is proposed?
I am happy with the progress we have made in engaging the community. It is vastly improved but we must look for new platforms so as to allow more people access to our planning processes.
How would you use the Engage! process and system?
It’s been working well so I would continue that good work.
In your opinion, what are the three best decisions the outgoing Council has made, and why?
Difficult to pare down – to undertake program review; to further engage; to get very active in affordable housing.
In your opinion, what are the three worst decisions the outgoing Council has made, and why?
I don’t think that way. I accept decisions and if I don’t believe in them, I work towards other ways of changing attitudes.
Quick response questions! In 100 characters or less, what is your position on...
Creating a regional government
Very pro. Absolute necessity.
Amalgamation with surrounding municipalities
Not as high on this as I used to be but I know it would be better for St John’s in the long run.
Making City Council a full-time job
Don’t agree. We are too small and we want to attract candidates from all walks of life.
The mail-in ballot system
Time to move into on-line balloting with mail-in as a back-up for those that aren’t comfortable with on-line.
The new Municipal Plan
Delighted with it. It took far too long but it is time to move forward with it.
Grants to community and arts organizations
A high priority for me. Always has been. Probably the best money we spend and we should put in a lot more.
City employee salaries
They are very well compensated. I agreed with negotiating the pension plan out but we gave too much.
Creating more bicycle infrastructure
A high priority with me.
Increasing public transit service
This is complex and exteremely expensive. MUN UPass is the key.
Corporate and union donations to candidates
I don’t know how candidates could afford to run without this.
How often do you use the following ways to get to work or errands?
Walking: A few times a week
Riding the bus: Never
Biking: Never
Driving: Almost everyday
Please rank the level of attention you think council should pay to each of these transportation modes in the coming term (1 = most important, 5 = least).
1. Public transit/Walking
2. Driving/Cycling
What could the City government do to make St. John’s a healthier place to live?
Continue to enhance parks, trails and other recreation facilities Support all forms of farming and sustainable food development.
What changes need to happen to have more diversity in age, gender, race, and life experience on Council?
That’s a tough one as it is a democratic process that allows every voting age citizen to offer themselves. That has to remain as is. We must understand that a very small percentage of people would ever be interested in this. It would be undemocratic to take away the rights of anyone to offer themselves for council by favouring one category over another. Campaigns to encourage various groups are undertaken now and could be expanded.