Deanne Stapleton


I live in Ward 1 with my husband Mike. Together we have raised three children and are the proud grandparents of eight grandchildren. Since graduating from Memorial University, I also obtained a Certificate in Criminology and a Diploma in Safety Engineering. Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to serve some incredible organizations in my community. These would include the Girl Guides of Canada, Macdonald Drive Junior High School Council, St. John’s Port Authority and the OAS/CPP Tribunial Board.

Contact Information:

Survey Responses

What is your full name?
Deanne Stapleton
What role are you running for? If it's a ward councillor position, please specify which ward.
Ward 1
If you are currently on council, or have served previously, how many years in total have you served?
Why did you decide to run for office?
I seen a need for residents to have a voice in the decision making of council and to continue to serve my community in a different capacity.
What do you think makes St. John's unique or special?
Our people, our culture and our heritage. It’s who we are that makes us unique.
If you were elected, do you plan to hold another paid job while serving on Council? If so, what would it be and how will you divide your time?
Yes. provincial government. Time management is possible to make these two work.
What changes or initiatives would you advocate for at Council?
Lower taxes, Wetlands to be seen as designated areas that can not be developed, to ensure the commitment to affordable housing is followed through and more sidewalks cleared and salted in winter to make them accessible to everyone.
What, to you, is the most important kind of decision City Council makes?
How we spend our tax dollars.
Questions for ward councillors...
Do you live in the Ward?
If you had a whole day off to spend in your ward relaxing, what would you do?
Take a swim at the Paul Reynold’s Community Centre, take a brisk walk on the Virginia River walking trail and maybe take a golf lesson.
What could Council do to make your ward a better place?
Create a vibrant, well-designed public spaces where people can connect with each other and their community.
Have you been out canvassing in the ward? If so, what are the priorities you’re hearing most loudly?
Yes. Speeding on residential streets.This is a main concern from residents in all of Ward 1. Also, sidewalks not completed and not accessible in winter.
Increasing density and mixed uses are priorities in the new municipal plan. Where would you like to see more density in your ward?
Ward 1 has growen tremendously over the past few years. New home development and business growth increased. I’m expecting this to continue in the next few years.
How do you think your ward will change during the next Council term?
I’m expecting a growth of new families moving in Ward 1. Also, business growth will rise.
What would you like to see included in the new Regional Plan?
Protecting significant Wetlands, Waterways and Forestry. A public transportation system is needed to efficiently connect all areas.
What, if anything, would you want done to establish better communications between citizens and developers before development is proposed?
A public meeting before the development goes to council for approval and during the development process.
How would you use the Engage! process and system?
The Engage! system is a good idea but its lacking the Engagement process from the city. Not all residents are connected to the internet. When elected, I would hold quarterly public meetings in my ward to engage council and residents.
In your opinion, what are the three best decisions the outgoing Council has made, and why?
1. The Engage! St. John’s. It’s a good start to get council and residents working together.
2. The Municipal Plan- It’s a start on how we like to see our city evolve.
3. Forming a committee with the new council on Wetlands.
In your opinion, what are the three worst decisions the outgoing Council has made, and why?
1. Increasing transit fees. Not user friendly.
2. Demolition of our heritage structures.
3. Roundabouts in residential areas that have already been developed.
Quick response questions! In 100 characters or less, what is your position on...
Creating a regional government
Yes because we all use the same services.
Amalgamation with surrounding municipalities
Amalgamating communities is not the right idea. A Regional Plan will be a better served.
Making City Council a full-time job
No. Closes the doors for a diversified council.
The mail-in ballot system
It’s more beneficial to the incumbents, closes the election period to early, no advance polls.
The new Municipal Plan
A good start but it needs to be revamped because it’s already 3 years old.
Grants to community and arts organizations
They are an essential part of our community, if feasible, grants should be given.
City employee salaries
We must look at other cities and our provincial counterparts to determine if they are on par.
Creating more bicycle infrastructure
Increase bicycle lanes where it’s safe to do so.
Increasing public transit service
Yes. Not enough routes, shelters and times between routes. Create Express Routes.
Corporate and union donations to candidates
Not all candidates receive donations so lowering the cap on the amount.
How often do you use the following ways to get to work or errands?
Walking: A few times a week
Riding the bus: Never
Biking: Never
Driving: Almost everyday
Please rank the level of attention you think council should pay to each of these transportation modes in the coming term (1 = most important, 5 = least).
1. Driving/Public transit/Walking
2. Cycling
What could the City government do to make St. John’s a healthier place to live?
Revitalize existing green spaces and playgrounds, support the farmers market and community gardens, expand the walking trails and keep user fees at a minimal at city owned facilities.
What changes need to happen to have more diversity in age, gender, race, and life experience on Council?
Current time for council meetings are not feasible for women, youth and people who have other careers. Encourage more people to get involved with the city such as volunteering or sitting on city committees.